Hunter walking holding pheasant on Hunt Minnesota shooting preserver

Hunting & Shooting Preserves

Known by many names; hunting preserves, shooting preserves, hunting clubs, game farms, pheasant farms, hunting resorts, or hunting ranches were once portrayed as places for only the wealthy hunters, but have now become an affordable, convenient, and high-quality option to allow sportsmen and sportswomen to hunt more often and closer to home. As access to private hunting land continues to disappear and public land has ever-increasing pressure from constant use, shooting preserves have become a way for hunters to continue their outdoor Minnesota traditions. They have and will continue to provide the opportunity to pass these traditions onto future generations.

Benefits of Shooting Preserves:

  • No resident or non-resident licenses or stamps are required.
  • Extension of the season to year-round.
  • Complete hunts with experienced hunting guides and dogs.
  • A place to train a new dog or just get your old 4-legged friend out in the field more often.
  • All-inclusive hunting packages tailored to fit in with family, social, and job commitments.
  • Sporting clays, dining, outdoor activities, fundraisers, and more!
Pheasant in field of Hunt Minnesota shooting preservere

Game Breeders & Producers

Game breeders and producers have been the backbone of a good hunting preserve and the source for high quality birds since the first pheasants, (70 pairs) were released in the United States in 1905. Raising a good quality game bird takes high breeding standards and attention to how the birds are raised. These producers are known for raising wild, hard flying, beautifully feathered birds.

Minnesota game bird breeders provide eggs, chicks, and mature birds.

  • Pheasants
  • Chukar Partridge
  • Bob White Quail
  • Mallard Ducks
  • Hungarian Partridge
  • Turkeys
  • Use this directory to locate a Hunting Preserves or Game Breeder that will meet your needs.